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nexsrc.zip115309411/11-97Nexus BBS 0.05
onyxbbs.zip50528911/11-97Onyx v.69 Beta Copyright 1993 by
Author: Jack Moffitt and Jared White
Pascal Source Incl. * Unpack With -D *
Source Code
This is not a Forum Hack
Released by Author!
Features Menu Editor!
p063b9s.zip52069211/11-97Portal of Power 0.639 Source Code
This is the source code for Portal of
Power 0.639. It requires a Borlad
Pascal 7 compatible Pascal compiler,
Object Professional 1.30 and APTimer from
Asynch Professional both from Turbo
Power Software.
picssrc.zip13113611/11-97PICSPC - v1.1a
Pascal Integrated Communications System
Copyright (c) 1986 by Les Archambault
This program is based on ROS Vers 3.4
by Steve Fox.
It is released into the public domain
for private use only
pipe05bs.zip35612911/11-97PipeLine BBS v.5b
(Pascal Source)
ppc50s.zip10751311/11-97PICSPC - Version 5.0
Pascal Integrated Communications System
prism.zip103771711/11-97Paradigm BBS v2.1b
projx.zip53821211/11-97Project-X TG Source
Couriered By Gremlin & Spasm
quan.zip37179411/11-97Quantum BBS Software v.1
Copyright (c)1997
Creative Designs
Pascal Source Incl. * Unpack With -D *
rsrc_286.zip32983611/11-97RadioActive Telegard v2.86 [PAS-TP6.0]
rtb53bbs.zip18631611/11-97The resource edition Turbo-BBS
ver5.3a for all MS-DOS
This source file in FINAL VERSION !
Copyright by Eskage/ComServe '1993.01.02
Copyright by KUKI PC-UsersClub/Taka
sauron_s.zip13043411/11-97Sauron BBS 1.01B is complety script file
driven, from logon to logoff, this enables
sysops to configure Sauron to however they
choose. * Pascal Source Incl. * TP7 NOW
sg20src.zip96824124/3-00Shotgun Professional v2.00-alpha 10 source
code. Requires BP7, as well as a couple of
commercial toolkits.
shkwvsrc.zip24294111/11-97ShockWave Source Code
sh_src94.zip45842611/11-97Shadow BBS source [PAS]
slickbbs.zip18030511/11-97SLiCK BBS Source in Pascal
Forum Clone..
src994s5.zip45062911/11-97Revelation BBS Systems
Version [Revelation v0.92]
* A Telegard Clone *
sys75.zip63834811/11-97System/75 BBS Source Code
tcs150.zip20264211/11-97TCS v1.50 - based on Forum sources
-- Telegard Bulletin Board System --
-- Version 1.6a Standard --
-- Source code in Pascal --
tg25g.zip48753111/11-97Telegard 2.5g WORKING source code
-- Telegard Bulletin Board System --
-- Version 2.5i Standard --
-- Source code in Pascal --
tginit.zip8841711/11-97Start-up package for *NEW* Telegard v2.5 systems.
tor1809s.zip83854711/7-00Tornado 1.70alpha 18-Sep-00 Sources
tor2110s.zip83944111/9-00Tornado 1.70alpha 21-10-2000 Sources
Beta Testing Version
tor2611s.zip109732712/4-00Tornado 1.70alpha 26-11-2000 Sources
Beta Testing Version
torsrc17.zip16347429/14-00Tornado BBS 1.70alpha/25-Jun-99 Source Code.
- Dos/Win32/Os2..
tpbbs10.zip2480411/11-97<< T P B B S >>
Turbo Pascal Bulletin Board System
James Whorton - OBBS sysop
Eddie H. Curlin - BOS sysop
tpboard.zip17170911/11-97TPBoard BBS V4.1
turbobbs.zip4516611/11-97Turbo BBS Version 1.05
Small Pascal BBS System
turbs85e.zip10451311/11-97TurboBBS II v0.85 - should build with tp5+
vis082s.zip33776511/11-97ViSiON BBS Software 0.82
Compiled under Turbo Pascal v6.0
The BEST Kick-Ass software in the business!
vis2orig.zip76814311/11-97Vision/2 BBS V0.84
* Turbo Pascal 6 *
wwivtp7.zip9741111/11-97WWIV Version 3.21d-TP70
by: Wayne Bell & James Fielden
WWIV 3.21d-TP70 is writing
in Turbo Pascal Ver 7.0
zaksrc.zip82635411/11-97SLBBS Source Code..
Zak Smith, Oct 6, 1995.
I restructed the zipfile to make
sure everything was happy.
I do not see myself doing any programming
for SL in the future, and I haven't touched
any of my source code in 1.6 years.
Someone asked about possibly buying the
source for one of my programs, but I just
decided to give it out free.

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